Prevent Mouse from Waking Windows out of Standby

Please note that although this post was originally written for Windows XP, the instructions outlined below still apply for later versions of Windows with minor (if any) differences.

Frustrated because the slightest twitch of the mouse is waking your Windows machine out of standby? Well, fret no more! Here's the solution…

First, open the Device Manager by pressing <WinKey+R> and type devmgmt.msc into the Run dialog box and press <Enter>.

When the Device Manager opens, press <F6> to select the first item in the tree view. Press the <RightArrow> key to expand the tree view and <M> to jump to the Mice and Other Pointing Devices entry. Arrow down until you reach the entry for your mouse and press <Enter>.

Next, when the Properties dialog box for your mouse opens, select the Power Management tab and uncheck the Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby checkbox and click on OK. Press <Alt+F4> to close Device Manager and we're done! Your computer will no longer be woken up by a jittery mouse.


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