A Complement of Oxymorons

Posted On Sun, 15 Jul 2012

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What is the group noun for a collection of oxymorons? A contradiction, or maybe a paradox? Or how about a complement of oxymorons? Get it? Well, never mind…

Anyways, I put together a collection of the best oxymorons I could find. Many are old, a few are new. Most are borrowed, and one or two are blue, so be warned!

This collection is a “work in progress” and will be updated from time to time. Sign up for email notifications or subscribe to the RSS Feed (see footer) to be kept in the loop.

Act Naturally
Adult Child
Advanced Basic
Affordable Luxury
Air Moisture
Airline Food
Alone Together
Altogether Separate
American Irony
Anarchy Rules
Assistant Manager
Authentic Replica
Awfully Nice
Baby Grand
Backseat Driver
Baggy Tights
Bankrupt Billionaire
Beyond Infinity
Bitter Sweet
Black Light
Blank Expression
Boneless Ribs
British Fashion
Bureaucratic Efficiency
Business Casual
Butt Head
California Culture
Charm Offensive
Civil War
Clearly Misunderstood
Compassionate Conservatism
Confirmed Rumor
Conspicuous Absence
Constant Change
Converging Parallels
Criminal Justice
Crooked Line
Deafening Silence
Deeply Shallow
Definite Maybe
Deliberate Mistake
Detailed Summary
Devout Atheist
Dry Drunk
Emotional Intelligence
Empty Load
Even Odds
Exact Estimate
Extinct Life
Extra Small
Extremely Average
Fairness Bias
Fake Sincerity
False Positive
   Fastest Loser
Fatally Injured
Flat Curve
Foreign National
Found Missing
Free Trade
Freezer Burn
Friendly Argument
Funeral Party
Genuine Forgery
Global Village
Good Shit
Government Organisation
Graduate Student
Graphic Language
Great Depression
Green Oranges
Growing Decline
Guest Host
Hard Water
Highly Underestimated
Honest Crook
Idiot Savant
Ill Health
Increasingly Fewer
Initial Conclusions
Irish Summer
Irregular Pattern
Journalism Ethics
Jumbo Shrimp
Known Unknowns
Light Heavyweight
Liquid Gas
Literal Metaphor
Living Dead
Long Shorts
Loosely Packed
Loud Whisper
Loyal Opposition
Magic Realism
Massive Reductions
Midnight Sun
Military Intelligence
Modern History
Mutual Differences
Negative Growth
New Tradition
Non-Alcoholic Beer
Nothing Much
Numb Feeling
Old News
Only Choice
Open Secret
Opposites Attract
   Organised Chaos
Outer Core
Partially Completed
Passive Aggression
Peace Force
Permanent Substitute
Plastic Glasses
Political Leadership
Pretty Ugly
Primitive Technology
Pure Evil
Quiet Riot
Random Order
Rapid Deceleration
Recorded Live
Relaxation Exercise
Resident Alien
Restless Sleep
Retired Worker
Rising Deficits
Sad Smile
Safety Hazard
Same Difference
Saying Nothing
Senior Infants
Seriously Funny
Silent Scream
Single Pair
Slow Speed
Small Crowd
Soft Rock
Spend Thrift
Staged Accident
Standard Deviation
Strangely Familiar
Student Teacher
Sun Shower
Sweet Sorrow
Tax Refund
Text Image
Tight Slacks
Tragic Comedy
Unbelievably True
Unbiased Opinion
Unconscious Awareness
Uninvited Guest
Unique Copy
Vast Emptiness
Vegetarian Meatballs
Waking Dream
War Games
Wireless Connection
Word Picture
Working Holiday

If you have a favourite oxymoron not included above, leave a comment and I'll consider it for inclusion in the next update.


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