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Have you ever returned to a web page you hadn't visited in a while only to discover it no longer exists, or has changed beyond all recognition? If so, one way to banish those dreaded “404 Not Found Blues” is to try your luck with the excellent Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

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Inspirational Sports Statue of Jesus

Below is just one of the many “inspirational sport statues” available from CatholicShopper.com. Promoted as: the perfect gift for every young Catholic athlete. These statues portray Jesus actively participating with boys and girls in a variety of sports. A wonderful way to reinforce Jesus “as friend” in everyday activities.

As an added bonus, all statues now have a brass nameplate with the inscription: Jesus Is My Coach

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Stupid URL Tricks

Below is a small collection of simple tips and tricks you can use just by manually editing the URL in your browser's address bar. How to access the address bar depends on whatever combination of browser and operating system you happen to be using, but pressing <Alt+D> is a good bet, or try <F6> a few times until focus toggles round to the address bar. If all else fails, I suppose you could click the mouse on the URL currently displayed in the address bar, but where's the fun in that? Anyways, here they are. I hope you find them useful.

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Bertie Ahern’s Most Hilarious Howlers

Posted On Sun, 2 Sep 2012

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