SMS to Email Gateway

Imagine you’re in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi or mobile broadband. You need to send someone a short email message, but all you have is an ancient mobile phone that can only do voice calls and texts. What do you do?

Well, if you live in Ireland, you’re in luck! Dublin-based Go2mobile provides a little-known SMS to Email service.


  1. Start a new text message with the recipient’s email address. Followed by a space and the rest of your message. Up to 160 characters (including the email address).

  2. Send the SMS to 086 605 5506 (or +353 86 6055506 from outside the Rep. of Ireland).

An Example

Let’s say you’re trying to contact your friend Susan. You can’t get through. She’s left her phone on silent, as usual. But she’s probably social-networking on the laptop while watching TV so you reckon sending her an email is worth a try. Compose a text message on your mobile phone like the one below: Hello Susan! Do you have your phone switched on?

And send it to the number given above.

An email should arrive momentarily in Susan’s inbox looking something like this:

From: [a email address]
Date: 27 Feb 2013 19:55:02
Subject: A message has arrived from 00353[your phone no]
To: "" <> Hello Susan! Do you have your phone switched on?

It’s as simple as that! 🙂 Please note that I’ve “redacted” various pieces of sensitive information from the email quoted above and Susan’s email address is a fake.

SMS messages sent through the gateway cost the same as a standard text.

Email to SMS?

If anyone out there knows how to do the opposite (ie, send a short email message to any mobile phone number) using a method that’s reliable and free, please leave a comment below and share your wisdom with the rest of us.


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