Weakest Link Australia

Alleged transcript from TV gameshow Weakest Link Australia which ran from 2001 to ’02. Extremely doubtful if this actually happened, but if you’ve ever seen the show you’ll understand why someone might react in the way the contestant did here.

CORNELIA (the hostess): Michael, why Robin?

MICHAEL: Well, he struggled with a few easy questions and missed a really simple one.

CORNELIA: Graham, why Robin?

GRAHAM: He’s about the dumbest bloke I’ve ever met.

CORNELIA: Claire, why Robin?

CLAIRE: He’s a total goose.

CORNELIA: Well Robin, you missed three questions in the last round, and didn’t bank a cent. You really are a complete moron, aren’t you? I hope you’re proud of yourself. What could you possibly have to say for yourself… ?

See next page for Robin’s emphatic response.


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