Weakest Link Australia

Alleged transcript from TV gameshow Weakest Link Australia which ran from 2001 to ’02. Extremely doubtful if this actually happened, but if you’ve ever seen the show you’ll understand why someone might react in the way the contestant did here.

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Flowerpot Faux Pas

A class of schoolkids were given a project to decorate a flowerpot they could take home and show off to their parents. They wanted a plant that was easy to take care of, so it was decided to use cactuses.

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DIY Slideshows on WordPress.com

I use a screen reader called JAWS (and sometimes NVDA) to browse the web and for updating my blog. It does a pretty good job of most things. But it can’t cope with WP’s visual editor. One consequence of which is that I can’t create image galleries or slideshows—at least, not by conventional means.

This post is based on lessons learnt from putting together a selection of my favourite viral images and outlines an accessible, do-it-yourself alternative to WP’s proprietary method for creating slideshows.

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The Funniest Viral Images Ever?

This is a follow-up to my post on the Funniest Viral Emails Ever? This time it’s the turn of viral images. You’ve probably seen them all before, but classics bear repeating!

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