DIY Slideshows on

I use a screen reader called JAWS (and sometimes NVDA) to browse the web and for updating my blog. It does a pretty good job of most things. But it can’t cope with WP’s visual editor. One consequence of which is that I can’t create image galleries or slideshows—at least, not by conventional means.

This post is based on lessons learnt from putting together a selection of my favourite viral images and outlines an accessible, do-it-yourself alternative to WP’s proprietary method for creating slideshows.

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Welcome to the Junk Heap


I'm in the process of transferring my old blog on Posterous to WP. The move was prompted by the news on March 12th that Posterous had been acquired by Twitter. The transition has been slow and the learning curve steep, but I'm ready to start blogging again.

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