SMS to Email Gateway

Imagine you’re in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi or mobile broadband. You need to send someone a short email message, but all you have is an ancient mobile phone that can only do voice calls and texts. What do you do?

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Flowerpot Faux Pas

A class of schoolkids were given a project to decorate a flowerpot they could take home and show off to their parents. They wanted a plant that was easy to take care of, so it was decided to use cactuses.

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Generate Any Control Character

ASCII has 33 control characters. Many of them are defunct or are used for purposes for which they were not originally intended. Most of them are unprintable and some can cause problems if not filtered out of input. All the same, a handful of these characters have proven to be indispensible when it comes to performing certain tasks in Batch.

In this post, I’ll show you commonly-used techniques for generating specific control characters, as well as two lesser-known methods for storing almost any control character in a variable. But finding uses for them is an entirely different matter. One which will be covered in an upcoming post.

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